Complement. and protect your intricate designs for discerning clients by choosing from a host of our many innovative products.

We all agree that windows and doors are generally the key architectural features on the facade of a home or business. Although beautiful, we conform to the notion that these openings generally need added protection depending on the location of the project. If your requirement is storm protection, added security, or simply increasing the energy efficiency of the project, we have numerous products available for you. Generally, we are asked to provide a solution for all of these provisions as they each play a key role in enhancing the comfort level of the homeowner and provide peace of mind. If you are searching for an industry leading manufacturer that provides high performing products, experienced technical support and is capable of maintaining the elegance and overall appearance of your design, look no further. You have found an accomplished partner with the tools and desire to allow you to execute your design and bring your vision to reality.

Why should I specify Alutech United's products?

You can't put a square peg in a round hole.

We vehemently feel the same way in regards to putting a traditional rectangular shutter over an arched shaped opening. Aesthetically, it is very unattractive and it draws your attention away from an original detail that was intended to be an architectural feature. Our Studio Star designer series are the only storm rated shutters that are capable of covering just about any shaped opening you can challenge us with. As if that were not exciting enough, we are capable of operating this shutter from any inverted position or horizontal position, making it an easy choice for covering skylights and any other typically challenging openings. Contact one of our representatives to find out more on other versatile uses for this product.

Did you know we require one of the smallest housings available?

Being an innovative and cutting edge leader in our industry, we recently developed an end retention shutter system that allows us to span large openings without the use of bulky storm bars, while requiring one of the smallest housings available in our industry. That means you can now offer your clients a much less obtrusive appearance without the need for unsightly storm bars. If you are still in the design stage, by having these small diameter requirements, simply plan a housing access panel in the wall above each opening to completely conceal the shutters when they are not in use. We have worked with many architects, on existing structures or new projects that incorporate this into the design for a flawless and concealed appearance.

Home Automation

Home automation is becoming a standard protocol in most high end new construction projects. Each of our roll down shutters is fully capable of being integrated with each of the home automation systems that are available today. Let one of our technical experts explain how beneficial this can be to your clients, help design a grouping or explain how to make our shutters capable of being used with an IP interface. We are well trained and well versed with all of the available technology that is available today.

Extensive support

No matter the size or type of project, whether your vision includes straight lines or curves, we have your solutions available. Allow our capable technical representatives to ensure every aspect of your sophisticated plan is addressed from its infancy to final build.
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