Alutech United, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of roll shutters and roll screens. For over 25 years, we have taken great care in delivering the highest quality products to our customers. We also believe in setting the standard of quality and service that our competitors have yet to match. 

Certificates and memberships

Products manufactured by Alutech United comply with relevant building codes, association criteria, and product safety and performance standards.

Our Dealers

Typically, our products are installed by trained dealers. To find a dealer, contact us or click the link below to access our dealer locator.  

Beginnings In Germany

Around 35 years ago, Hans Schanz set himself on a quest to develop roll shutters that were significantly different from anything offered on the market at that time. 

"Being a mechanical engineer, I was looking for a niche product and discovered new applications for roll shutters." 

                                                                                        - Hans Schanz

Building The Business Nationally

In 1984, Hans Schanz revolutionized the idea of a roller shutter. The “Studio Star” roll shutter was designed to conform to various shapes and window styles. Within a few years, the company became the market leader for asymmetrically shaped roll shutters. The company had also grown to around 30 employees, generating $2 million in revenues in 1989.   

Expanding Internationally

During the 90s, Hans Schanz’s sons started actively working on shaping the company. In 1990, Holger Schanz incorporated WIGA GmbH. He is now the CEO of the company, supplying the Northern European shutter market with exceptional products. Joe Schanz expanded the company’s American subsidiary, further developing the company’s position within the North American market. Today, he is the president of Alutech United Inc. in Delaware, USA. 

growing the business 

Thanks to the dedication and hard work of General Manager George Pfaller, Alutech has gone from only two employees to a staff more than thirty strong. For fifteen years, George positioned Alutech as the leading and most well-respected producer of hurricane and security shutters. Thanks to his leadership, Alutech prides itself on offering the highest quality and service. 

ALUtech today

Our research and development efforts have led to one of the most diverse product lines in the North American shutter market. This ranges from our Barracuda shutters, designed for security and storm protection, to our famous “Studio Star” roll shutters. These premium products are also distributed, and installed, by our trained dealers nationwide.
Two Locations

Delaware And Florida

Our company headquarters is located in Selbyville, DE while our second location is in Sarasota, FL. Both locations include inventory and manufacturing floors, as well as efficient and cost-effective equipment for production and shipping.

Latest Projects and Innovations

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