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Compare hurricane protection products

This is the first of a series of articles we will compare various hurricane protection products.
Look for the following in the near future:

  • Roll Shutters and Accordion Shutters for hurricane protection
  • Roll Shutter and Hurricane Panels
  • Roller Shutters compared to Fabric
  • Hurricane or Impact Windows vs. Hurricane Shutters

Let's start today with:

rolling shutters and accordion shutters comparison:

Once you leave the arena of plywood for hurricane protection roll shutters and accordion shutters are probably the most common form of window opening protection in the marketplace.

So what are the most important differences between the two?

1. Cost

Well, this is the obvious one. Depending on what operator mechanism you choose, a roll shutter can be 50 to 100% more than an accordion shutter. Now what do you get for more money? More or better hurricane protection? Strictly speaking, not really. Both a roll and an accordion provide some of the best storm protection. Both can have approvals for the various building codes, such as Miami Dade County, International Building Code (IBC), Florida Building Code (FBC) or Texas department of insurance (TDI).

2. Operator Options

The roll shutter has many advantages over the accordion shutter: most importantly, operator options. There are different manual and motorized operators for roller shutters.
The ease of opening and closing is where the roll shutter really shines.

A motorized roll shutter offers hurricane protection at a touch of a button. The motor can be controlled via remote control, even in groups with other shutters. In addition control can be integrated into your home control system or smart home system.

Hurricane protection comes in many different shapes and sizes, roll shutters are one of them. To learn more about roll shutters for hurricane and storm protection go to our product section or contact us.

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