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Hurricaner Newsletter - Edition 44


Another exiting Hurricaner newsletter by Alutech United. The hurricaner is our newsletter for the hurricane shutter professional. If you wish to receive a hard copy, call us us send us an email.

You can dowload a pdf copy here.

Our 44th edition of the Hurricane features the following articles:

  • From The Tip of the Triangle: A look at the hurricane predictions for season 2010
  • New Pop-Up Banners for Sale: a great inexpensive marketing tool
  • Credit Card Charges: we used to only allow up $5000, now you can pay larger balances
  • Dealer Seminar: A re-cap of the Alutech Dealer Seminar 2010 in Sarasota

International Door Assosciation Show: Reports from our attendance of the IDA Expo in Las Vegas

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