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It is with great sadness

It is with our deepest regrets that we must inform you of some terribly sad news.  On Friday, June 25th, The Alutech Family lost one of our own.  Mike (Doc) Davidson was involved in a fatal accident tragically taking his life prematurely.  As a 14-year employee of Alutech, Doc was a tremendous asset and was very instrumental with the growth of our wholesale division over the last decade. 

He was highly respected within the company and throughout our entire dealer network.  His upbeat spirit, unconditional loyalty and unparalleled customer service separated Doc from being just an ordinary employee.  Doc always seemed to keep his customers and our office staff in an upbeat mood either with his quick wit and jolly laugh or merely with his ongoing positive attitude.  Above all, Doc was a remarkable man. 

Those of us who knew him personally are well aware of the difference he made in the lives of many people, both in the Alutech family and in his private life.   Please join us in letting his friends and family know how much Doc was loved, how much he will be missed and offer them the strength to cope during this difficult time. 

Let this unfortunate event also serve as a reminder to all,  that life is so very precious and allow us not to dwell on the insignificant challenges we are faced with daily, as they are trivial in comparison.

Respectfully submitted,
George Pfaller on behalf of the team of
Alutech United, East Coast Shutters & Awnings and Green Street Solar.

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