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Barracuda 3 - compare your options

We have dramatically improved our Barracuda Hurricane Roll Shutters. Please take a moment to review information.

New Guide Rail Design

One important change is the redesign of oure guide rail it now features:

  • A new snap cover with rounded corners. This makes for very clean look and reduces installation time.
  • Curved end retention guides. They add significant strength and help achieve higher windloads.
  • A new clear quieting insert to reduce operating noise.

More Slat and Substrate Options

Another area of big improvements is the number of options for substrates and the choice of slats. You have more choices:

  • Single Wall with end retention: less cost
  • Double Wall no end reteintio: less cost, even smaller housing
  • Double Wall with end retention: maximum strength, up to 113psf

Take a look at the table below to comare all options and combinations:

Additional changes include more color choices and non-hurricane options, such a spring operators or
perforated slats:

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