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Benefits of Roll Shutters

Explaining the Intangible Benefits of Roll Shutters never seems to interest customers until after they have purchased

Almost every sales call I try to explain how the customer will get more benefits out of the installation of Roll Shutters than just the obvious ones. Every customer can relate that they will protect their property form storm damage but most look at me like I have multiple heads when I tell them they will block the sun in the morning so you can sleep in, they will reduce the noise from outside or that the shutters will reduce your heating and cooling bills if used properly.
These factors are very hard to quantify to a customer and they never seem to make a financial impact to them to make their purchase less painful to them in the pocketbook. Faced with this situation now I tell my customers, about this gentleman I ran into several years after we installed his shutters and he stopped me in the buildings hallway to let me know how pleased he was with our product. He told me that he noticed during the winters that his electric bill was cut almost $50/month after the shutters were installed on his balcony. He said it might not sound like much but he didn’t use his unit in the off-season and hated paying his electric bill to keep the unit at a minimum 50 degrees. He said now over the 10 years he has had his shutter that he feel it has more than paid for itself in the heat savings alone, not to mention the other benefits such as protection from water damage, storage space (his was a balcony enclosure), and the simple fact that his wife didn’t have to clean the sand blasted glass doors every time they came down.
Another customer who bought our shutters simply for storm protection, years later told me “how great they are keeping the sunlight out” on those mornings she wished to sleep a little late. Any person on our local beach knows that they are the first to see the bright sunshine through their great glass views of the ocean every morning before the rest of the country.
These seemingly small intangible factors have seemed to play a non-existent role in any purchasing decision but I continue to bring these facts to light hoping that some day a customer will stop me and say that they are so happy they bought the shutters for the not so obvious reason and love them for their multi-functions.

John Moore
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