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Product News: Barracuda 3 - Hurricane Shutter

We are pleased to announce our latest update to the industry leading hurricane shutter: Barracuda-3

So what is new?

Curved inside retention guides

This redesign of our guide rail provides greater strength for the retention system.

Snap Cap

The newly designed two piece guide rail comes with a snap cap anchor cover for faster install times and more attractive looks.

New clear quieting insert

Our quieting insert has reduced interference with the retention bolt and the transparent color blends well with most colors.

Greater Windloads

For smaller spans windloads are now up to 113 psf. FBC #: 14438

More slat options

In the past there was only one choice: double wall slat with end-retention. Now you can choose from:

  • Single Wall - with end-retention
  • Double Wall - with end-retention
  • Double Wall - without end-retention.

Our new Standard

Unless otherwise specified orders place after Aug. 2011 will automatically ship with the new Barracuda 3 guide rail. If you need to match existing projects please let us know as both, Barracuda 1 and Barracuda 2 rails are available upon request.

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