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Zip Tex - Next Generation Rolling Screen

We are proud to introduce a completely redesigned Zip Tex. This is the latest generation of End-Retention Solar and Insect Screen.

Wind Resistant

Our unique end retention option ensures wind resistance and operabilty using a buit-in dampening system. Zip Tex plus is equipped with a special side rail insert that allows the screen to flex under wind pessure, but keeps the screen anchored in the rails. The Zip Tex will keep your screen in the rails at any position: fully closed, fully open or any position in between.

Fabric Option

There is a wealth of fabric option, that you can choose from.

Inscect Mesh

This keeps out tiny insects, while preserving
outward visibility. Openness factor 65%

Solar Screen

Ultimate protection, blocking sunlight and creating
privacy by blocking up to 90%


Primary purpose it to block the suns harmful rays and

reduce solar heat gain. Openness factors 75%-90%

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