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New: End Retention Grill

With the ever growing security market, anyone who lists their products as security has seen an increase in sales or at least a growth in calls over the past couple years.

At the beginning of this year we started manufacturing a security grill for the commercial market.

Since then we have added some innovative features to the already great grill. We took the grill link and decided to put a rollshutter twist on the concept by putting a curve in the link to achieve a tighter roll diameter than most other competitors on the market today.

Now we have made this grill even better by making it a true END RETENTION grille. Unlike some other companies who keep a link in the rail or just hope and pray it stays in the rail, we actually made it true end retention system to stand up to brute forces.

We took our already hurricane rated concept and rolled it into our gate system, so now you have an incredibly strong grill with an awesome architecturally pleasing appearance.

The END RETENTION GRILL - a.k.a. Gator Grill

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