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Webinar: Scorpion Insect Screen Jan.22


Join us for our next webinar. We are very exited to go show you our new product: Scorpion, a retractable insect screen.

Webinar Agenda:

• Product Information

• Installation Details

• Sales and Marketing Tips

The Scorpion is a unique bi-fold insect screen.

To Join our webinar: 
go here on
Jan. 22, at 2.p.m EDT.



Here are 5 tips that will help you get the most out of our webinar:

Test your equipment

Make sure that the computer you will be using meets the requirements needed to properly participate in a webinar.  This System Test is a great way to run a test on your computer and make sure you are good to go.

Avoid distractions

It’s important to be mindful of your location before you enter an online meeting and what distractions in the room (or on your person) may draw attention away from your presentation.  Make sure any distracting elements are not able to be seen or heard before you begin, e.g. cell phone, co-worker, etc.

Are you prepared?

Even if you are not the host of the meeting, you will be able to participate.  You will be able to "chat in' questions or input. Make sure you have everything prepared before the meeting, bring a pen and note book.

Who speaks and do I get to hear them?

Most online meetings have more than one person presenting. In order to see the presentation you will need to log in with your computer. To listen to the speakers you will have to call the conference number and enter the access code

Can I listen to it on my cell phone, do i need a computer?

You can call the conference number and listen to the entire persentation, no computer needed, all you need is your phone and call the number, then enter the access code

We hope you will enjoy this cost effective way to learn about our products. As always, if you have questions, call us @ 1-800-233-1144 or send us an email.

"Speak to you soon"

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