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Our Warranty

Standard Warranty

Components & Electronics

Alutech United Inc. carries a 5-year warranty on all internal and electronic components included within any of our proprietary shutter and shade systems. These systems include Magnum, Barracuda, Zip Tex and any other Alu Star shutters. Excluded from this standard warranty period are any non-proprietary products sold through Alutech United Inc. These products’ components, excluding electronics, which are still covered by the standard warranty, will be covered by a 3- year warranty period.

Paint Finish

Alutech United Inc. carries a 5-year warranty on all stocking paint choices. Excluded from this standard warranty are custom colored paint choices and installations located within 2640 feet of the seaside. Those painted finishes will be covered with a 3-year warranty period.


Alutech United Inc. carries a 3-year warranty on all fabrics purchased in our Zip Tex system becoming unserviceable due to color or strength loss from normal usage and exposure conditions, including sunlight, mildew and atmospheric chemicals. Operating our fabric screens in less than ideal conditions, including temperatures below 40 degrees or wind speeds above 18 miles per hour voids this warranty.


Alutech United Inc. only carries a 1-year warranty for products installed and or contracted through us directly. All other installations conducted through dealers or contractors are excluded from this warranty period.

General Info

Alutech is not liable for any injury, loss or damage, whether direct and/or unintended, arising out of the improper use of, or the inability to operate products made by Alutech. This warranty also does not cover loss or damage resulting from the improper assembly, improper installation, lack of care and/or damage sustained by a natural disaster or any other Acts of God.

The articles replaced according to the terms of this warranty shall be retained by Alutech United Inc. It is the customer’s responsibility to handle any freight cost associated with the repair or replacement. All cost related to the installation of the affected Alutech United Inc. product covered by this replacement warranty will not be the responsibility of Alutech United Inc.

The preceding warranty is exclusive and instead of all other warranties of quality, whether written, oral, or implied.
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