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Why buy from Alutech United

Increased Beauty and Security

Your home will likely become the largest investment you'll make in your lifetime. Protecting it, and your family, is simply the right thing to do. When it is time to get the job done right, Alutech United is here to help. Our roller shutter designs can help you weather storms and increase your overall home security while adding beauty and value to the structure.

​At Alutech United, we offer our customers the highest quality and most visibly attractive security shutters in the business. Our designs include accordion shutters, sun shading roller shutters, storm shutters, retractable awnings and more. We also build security shutters right into designs. 

While there are other manufacturers of hurricane shutters, Alutech isn't like the competition.

So, what makes Alutech’s security shutters stand out?

The quality we offer - At Alutech, quality is our number one concern. To ensure this, we start with the very best materials to make every product in our line. We combine the right materials with our years of experience and our proven technology and engineering to guarantee our customers delivery of the finest security shutters in the industry.

Our attention to aesthetics - Alutech has taken innovative measures to lessen the visual impact caused by the installation of traditional security shutters. We offer custom shaped shutters for trapezoid and arched shapes and a number of other products meant to protect a home while still offering visual appeal.

Our experience - Alutech is a leading manufacturer of storm shutters, security grill products and hurricane screens. Our business began more than 35 years ago in Germany when founder Hans Schanz began researching roller shutter designs. As a mechanical engineer, Schanz saw a number of other applications for this design and Alutech was born. In the 1980s, the company pioneered a new design of security shutters that could follow the shapes of a variety of windows. By the 1990s, Alutech expanded internationally and today services customers all over the world from its new headquarters in Selbyville, Delaware.

Our versatility - While our storm shutters are ideal to have in place when severe weather threatens, they are also perfect for everyday use. Our security shutters are versatile enough to provide shading and will even serve as a thermal barrier on days when the temperatures spike or plummet.

Security Shutters Help Bring Peace of Mind

The peace of mind you’ll enjoy - When you have Alutech security shutters in place, you’ll enjoy the peace of mind that comes with knowing you’ve done your part to protect your home and your family. Our shutters can offer you protection from sun, storms, cold and hot weather and even burglary.

When it is time to better protect your home, Alutech United is here to help. We offer a variety of solutions that range from removable storm panels to systems you can put into use every day. At Alutech, your safety, security and satisfaction are our top priorities. If you’re ready to enjoy the protection storm shutters provide, Alutech is here for you.
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